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IMG_1027Landscaping and maintaining your property adds curb appeal and value to your home. As a matter of fact, landscaping your home can add up to 15% resale value and speed up the sale to as much as 6 weeks. JSR Enterprises provides professional landscape and landscape maintenance services. We have the staff and knowledge to tackle projects ranging from simple spring clean ups to paver patio design and installation. JSR wants to make your property look the best it can!


maintenance-ctaLet’s face it, maintaining your property can be a lot of hard work and headache. Most people don’t want to spend all their free time working in the yard when they could be enjoying time with family. Let the professionals at JSR take hard work out of maintaining your property. Our company has the equipment, man power and the knowledge to handle all property maintenance projects.

We provide but are not limited to: Spring & Fall cleanup / Weeding / Mowing / Pruning / Mulch installation / Planting Annuals & perennials / Edging.

You can learn more about our individual services below.



In need of ideas for what can be done with your yard? Take a look at our full gallery to see some of our landscape projects. JSR wants to make your property look the best it can! You can have the yard all the neighbors talk about.

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Let’s face it, maintaining your property can be a lot of hard work and headache. Most people don’t want to spend all their free time working in the yard when they could be enjoying time with family.

Spring cleanup service

spring-cleanupBefore any written quote is given for a spring cleanup project, we like to walk the property with our customers. That way everyone is on the same page and a proper quote can be given. A spring cleanup usually entails: cleaning up of leaves and debris in flower beds and turf area, cutting down spent foliage from the previous season, edging beds and trees, pruning shrubs, weeding flower beds, and applying a fresh layer of Mulch.

Fall Cleanup

fall-cleanupDuring a fall cleanup homeowners can expect all leaves and debris removed from the turf and flower beds. Spent foliage such as hostas and lilies will be removed. Upon request, grass can be cut down to 2.5 inches to prevent matting, mold, and mildew during winter months.


plantingWeeds deprive flowers of light, water and needed soil nutrition. They are unsightly, but are preventable. This is accomplished by applying a pre -emergent herbicide such as preen. This can effectively prevent weeds up to 3 months. Simply sprinkle the product on the soil beds or on top of the mulch and water in.

If you have a weed problem, the best time to pull weeds is when the soil is wet. Common procedure for weed removal is digging them out by hand with a spade. By using a spade it ensures complete tap root removal so the weed doesn’t surface again within a few days.

The other method would be by spraying a commercial grade weed killer directly on the weed, being careful to not spray other nearby plants. The weed will be pulled after it dies and turns brown.

Let us remove unsightly weeds to keep flower beds clean and fresh!

Lawn Mowing / Maintenance

maintenanceWhen you choose JSR Enterprises for lawn service we guarantee complete satisfaction. Our mowers are new top of the line machines, so you can always expect a great cut and a professional job. The mower blades on our units are sharpened before each mowing week to ensure clean cutting.

Sharp blades allow for faster grass recovery and makes for a healthier clean job.

Each week we change our mowing pattern to reduce rutting. Changing mowing direction weekly also presents a checker board appearance which is very aesthetically pleasing.

To avoid damage, we will not mow your property during the rain or when your yard is soaking wet.

You can expect us to string trim around curbs, foundations, flower beds, and any other areas our mowers cannot reach. If string trimming is not needed that week, it will not be performed. Cleaning clippings off of sidewalks, patios, drive ways, and flower beds is to be expected after each mowing.

Mulch Installation

mulch-1Mulching is one of the greatest things you can do for your flower garden. Mulching is the act of placing organic materials around plants and trees. There are many reasons why mulching is important. Here are a few:

  • Mulch retains soil moisture helping your plants in times of dry summer months. Also, reducing your water bill.
  • Soil nutrients are maintained by the decomposition of organic mulch.
  • Applying mulch reduces the amount of weeds that pop up in flower beds. Mulch acts as a barrier limiting sunlight to weeds.
  • After Mulch is applied, the entire landscape looks clean and complete!
  • Tip: Mulch should only be applied 2-4 inches thick.
  • Tip: Avoid piling mulch up around tree trunks, this can cause disease and pest issues.
  • Tip: Premium hardwood mulch retains the most moisture compared to other mulches available.

Landscape Edging

edging-bedsEdging creates a clean distinguished separation between turf and flower beds. This is accomplished by using a spade or mechanical edger

Shrub shaping and Pruning

shrub-pruningShrub pruning is important for the plants health and should be maintained regularly. Not every shrub is to be pruned in the same manner. Some shrubs like box woods and Japanese yews are to be shaped with a hedge trimmer. While others like rhododendron and weigela should be pruned with hand pruners. Pruning shrubs enhance the flowering display and overall health of the plant. Knowing when and how to prune your shrubs is very important.